James web design

Terms and Conditions

The client retains ownership of the resources but I have ownership of the html script and passwords used to upload the site.

The client is obliged to pay the annual maintenance fee (50 + VAT) if the website has been created in accordance with the charges outlined above.

If the client wishes to own the HTML code, there is no annual maintenance fee or support of any kind, the client is then responsible for his/her own alterations and hosting/registration renewal.
The html code can be purchased for 635 + VAT.

My definition of "hosting" comprises server rental fees and my fees for maintaining the continuity of your website on that server.

I do not send the invoice unless the client is happy with my work.
If the client is not happy with my work, I remove it from the web and they owe me nothing.
However, the client is liable to pay for the registration of a domain name which may have been bought for them.
The client is free to take his/her name elsewhere if he/she wishes.

Payment is required within 28 days of the invoice date.
Alternatively, the payment can be made by 10 monthly standing orders.
If no payment (or request for a standing order mandate form) is made within 28 days of the invoice date, a reminder is sent.
If the payment is not received in full after a further 28 days, the website will be removed from the web until the invoice has been settled.